Pearl Harbor

Poem I wrote years ago for my Uncle who was at Pearl Harbor when it was attacked.

Early in the morning, the bombs began to fall,
At first no one knew what was going on at all.
It was almost 8 o’clock on that December day,
When the attack got under way.
The bombs and shots echoed like thunder,
Many lives were lost and many ships went under.
Close to home now was the war, that once seemed far away,
And people listed to their radios to see what the President would say.
No one expected that attack before it came,
But when it was over everyone knew that base’s name.
Pearl Harbor brought our county into the war,
And thinking of it helped us to remember what we were fighting for.


America’s Awakening

Written Sept 15, 2001

Sadness falls across the land,
The thought of war is close at hand.
Terrorists attacked the United States today,
And those responsible will be made to pay.
Four planes were hijacked early this morning
They were crashed into buildings without any warning.
Suddenly the towers gave a loud rumble,
And to the ground they started to crumble.
Thousands of people were trapped inside,
And the rescuers below were trapped, they had nowhere to hide.
Smoke and dust filled the sky,
And a nation was left wondering why.
But the United States will bounce back, stronger than before,
The sleeping giant has awoke, hear him roar.
There is nothing the people of the US can not do,
For we are all bound together by the red, white, and blue


White blankets fading from view,
A bright ball of yellow light,
Images of green abound,
Goodbye winter, hello spring.


The world is silent, silent, silent,
No birds or squirrels are to be seen,
No wind rustling through the trees,
No rain to moisten the thirsty ground.
Black clouds slowly envelop the sky,
The day turns as black as night,
From the black mass, a funnel eases out,
Throwing dust and dirt into the air.
It uproots the trees that stand in its way,
And tosses them as if they weigh nothing at all,
Flattened houses are left in its path,
In seconds, people’s dreams are reduced to rubble.
The tornado cuts its path,
Then rises to the sky,
The destruction is over now,
Until next time.

Remember When We Felt Safe?

Written a few weeks after September 11th

We took our freedom and security for granted,
Terrorism was something that always happened far away,
It couldn’t happen here, we would always say,
Remember when we felt safe?

On September 11, 2001 that all changed,
Planes crashed to the ground,
Great buildings crumbled,
Remember when we felt safe?

Thousands of innocent people died that day,
Firefighters and police became heroes,
They risked their lives to save others,
Remember when we felt safe?

The terror we had only seen on television had hit home,
But the people of the USA banded together,
They gave the gifts of blood, time and money,
Remember when we felt safe?

The President said that those responsible would pay,
The military prepared for the long fight before them,
They left for a foreign land so far away,
Remember when we felt safe?

Then a new terror arrived with the mail,
Envelopes tainted with Anthrax began to appear,
Soon Anthrax scares raced from New York to the West Coast,
Remember when we felt safe?

What happened to the world we knew before?
A world where people weren’t afraid to fly,
Where people weren’t scared to open their mail,
Remember when we felt safe?

I long to go back to that time,
That seems so long ago.
But I know that I will always be able to say,
I remember when we felt safe.

Friendship Lost

Best friends forever we swore we would be,

I was there for you as you were for me.

As we grew up, we put away the toys,

Our talks turned to makeup, music and boys.

After high school, separate ways we went,

Letters were written but soon few were sent.

We haven’t spoken in many years now,

I wonder why this happened, when and how.