Gumdrop Christmas Tree


styrofoam cone
gumdrop candies, 2-3 bags

Break toothpicks in half and insert broken end into gumdrop. Insert pointed end of toothpick into Styrofoam placing the gumdrops as close together as possible.


Toilet Paper Roll Turkey


Toilet paper roll
Red, Yellow, and Orange Construction Paper
2 Googly Eyes

Cut feather shapes out of the construction paper. You’ll need 2-3 feathers of each color.

Cut a small triangle out of orange construction paper for a beak.

Cut a small peanut shape out of red construction paper for a waddle.

Cut two feet out of orange construction paper.

Tape the feathers onto the back of the toilet paper roll.

Glue the eyes, beak, waddle, and feet to the front of the toilet paper roll.

Mommy (or daddy, grandma, grandpa) and me handprint


1/2 c salt
1/2 c flour
1/4 c water

mix together, roll out to about , press adults hand in first, then child’s hand 🙂
bake @ 200 degrees for 2 1/2 hours
After it cools paint the hands your choice of colors and add designs to the side.

Note: the picture shows a ribbon at the top. I have found it more effective to add an indent to hang on a nail before baking.

Lunchbox Apple


To make an apple fun for your kids, and keep it fresh in a lunch box to boot! Cut your apple as shown and wrap a rubber band around it so that is does not brown before eating