Button Bowl


Flat buttons of any color
White glue that dries clear
Large paint brush
News paper to protect working area
Cup to balance balloon while it dries
How To

Step 1: Blow up and tie a balloon. Place the balloon, knot first, onto a cup.
Step 2: Using paint brush cover half of your balloon with an even coat of glue. Let the glue dry completely.
Step 3: Add a second coat of glue all the way down to the knot this time. Stick buttons on this layer of glue, half way down the balloon, as close as you can to each other. Let it dry completely. (4-5 hours usually)
Step 4: Add another layer of glue over top of the buttons and let it dry completely.
Step 5: Using scissors, cut the knot of the balloon to let the air out, peel the balloon out and and cut off any glue bits from the button edge that you don’t want.


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