Toilet Paper Tube Race Car


What you’ll need

Toilet paper tube
Acrylic paint
Hole puncher
Black craft foam
Aluminum foil
Paper for decorations
Small paper fasteners


1 Paint the tube with acrylic paint.

2 Cut out the cockpit leaving a short flap at each end and punch holes where the wheels and steering wheel will go.

3 Fold the steering wheel flap down and the other flap up to serve as a seat back.

4 Cut 4 wheels about the size of the toilet tube ends and a quarter-size steering wheel out of black craft foam.

5 Cut 4 quarter-size hubcaps out of aluminum foil.

6 Punch holes in the centers of all the circles. Glue the hubcaps onto the wheels and decorate the steering wheel with foil accents.

7 Glue on paper decorations and add numbers as well.

8 Attach the wheels and steering wheel to the tube with small paper fasteners


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