Titanic Museum, Pigeon Forge, TN Review

Our first stop on the second day of our vacation, was the Titanic Museum.  The building was designed to look like the Titanic, complete with iceberg.  They gave you a card with a passenger’s name on it and at the end you got to see whether your passenger survived or not.  After the first few minutes inside, it was a self guided tour.  You got to see the few photos actually taken on the boat by Father Francis Browne.  It also had artifacts that have been salvaged from the wreckage.   It was interesting to see all that history, but personally I think they should have remained with the boat.  Bringing them up seems like robbing a burial site.  Anyway, you also got to touch an iceberg and put your hand in 28 degree water to feel what the temperature was like for those aboard when it sank.  I couldn’t stand to keep my hand in it for more than 2 seconds, I can’t imagine having my whole body in water that cold.  This was a very good museum and I would definitely go again.


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