Toilet Paper Orientation

I’m sure everyone has had or will have this discussion at least once in the life.  Whether it is with your spouse, roommate or if you’re lucky, your maid, this question is bound to come up.  Should the toilet paper hang over the roll or behind it?

There are arguments for both over and under being better.  For over, the top reason is that it makes the end easier to find.  Those who prefer the under method argue that it makes for a neater appearance as the loose end can be hidden underneath.  

A toilet paper brand did a survey of 100 people and discovered that 72% prefer the over method and that people who prefer over the top are more likely to notice the rolls direction, to be annoyed if it is incorrect and admit to having flipped the roll at a friends house.

Personally, for the most part, as long as it isn’t empty, I don’t really care.  Years ago, I always put it on the holder hanging over the front, but since I got pets, I now put it behind the roll.  It just saves on the mess of having to re-roll all the paper after a curious little paw bats at it.  So as long as whoever uses the last of the paper replaces the roll, I won’t say anything about how it is put on.


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