Depressing Days

Did you feel more bummed than usual on January 16th? There may be the reason: It was the third Monday in January. Experts call it “Blue Monday” – and say it’s the most depressing day of the year.

Why? People are more blue on any Monday.  But if you add in the cold weather, the after-holiday letdown, and credit card bills rolling in – then, mix in the disappointment of holiday weight gain, and a lack of exercise – you’ve got a perfect storm for the blues.  But Blue Monday isn’t the only day of the year that messes with our emotions. Some other bummer days include:

Valentine’s Day. Sure, everyone in a relationship is getting roses and chocolates, but a huge survey found that 70% of unattached singles stay home on February 14th and have “psychological stress.”

And winter in general is a depressing time of year for 5% of North Americans with seasonal effective disorder – or SAD. It’s a form of depression typically felt from December through March. It’s thought to be caused by decreased exposure to sunlight during the winter months – which explains why it’s 10 times more common in Alaska than in Florida.


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