Global Warming

For those of you who don’t believe in Global Warming, how do you explain all the weird weather we have had this year.  I know all your reasons: 1) look at all the cold temperatures we’re having, how is this global “warming”, and 2) it wouldn’t snow this much if there was such a thing as Global Warming.

The term does not mean that the temperatures are warmer all over the world.  It means that there is a rise in the average temperature across the globe  causing odd and sometimes extreme weather across the planet.

Look at this year’s weather as an example: a) warmer than normal winter over much of the US, b) excessive snowfall in the areas that weren’t warmer than normal, c) more named tropical storms in the Atlantic in June than any year in recorded history, d) unusual number of EF4 and EF5 tornadoes (such as the ones that took out Joplin, MO and Henryville, IN,  e) the nearly nationwide heatwave of the last few days and f) the violent storms that took out power from the midwest to Washington DC.

Global warming is real folks.  Accept it.


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