Saving Time or Wasting Time

Have you ever noticed the grocery store clerks that stand by the check out lanes and direct you to the shortest one?  Are we so lazy as a nation we can’t judge for ourselves? 

Yesterday I was in a store and told to go to lane 7, that it would save me time.  So not wanting to argue, I got out of the line I was in and moved to lane 7.  So my five items and I are now behind one person instead of three, but this one person has a full cart load of groceries where the three people I was originally behind had one or two things each.  They were all three done checking out before this other person finished emptying her cart.  After a couple more minutes the helpful clerk directed be back to my original line to save time.  I would have saved more time if she had left me where I was. 

What is the point of this service?  It definately isn’t to save the customer’s time.  I can easily determine which line is shorter for myself and if she really wanted to save me time, she should have opened another register instead of shuffling me around.


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