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Overused Word of the Week


I am sick of hearing this word.  Thanks to Twitter over the past few years, it seems to be everywhere. You can’t go online and easily search for the most popular  topics.  You have to search for trending topic.  Yahoo is even posting the trending video of the day on facebook.  AHHHH!

The way it is being used:
A word, phrase, video or topic that is tagged at a greater rate than other tags is said to be a trending topic. Trending topics become popular either through a concerted effort by users or because of an event that prompts people to talk about one specific topic.

Actual definition:


1. The general direction in which something tends to move.
2. A general tendency or inclination.
3. Current style; vogue: the latest trend in fashion.
intr.v. trend·ed, trend·ing, trends

Saving Time or Wasting Time

Have you ever noticed the grocery store clerks that stand by the check out lanes and direct you to the shortest one?  Are we so lazy as a nation we can’t judge for ourselves? 

Yesterday I was in a store and told to go to lane 7, that it would save me time.  So not wanting to argue, I got out of the line I was in and moved to lane 7.  So my five items and I are now behind one person instead of three, but this one person has a full cart load of groceries where the three people I was originally behind had one or two things each.  They were all three done checking out before this other person finished emptying her cart.  After a couple more minutes the helpful clerk directed be back to my original line to save time.  I would have saved more time if she had left me where I was. 

What is the point of this service?  It definately isn’t to save the customer’s time.  I can easily determine which line is shorter for myself and if she really wanted to save me time, she should have opened another register instead of shuffling me around.


As part of my lifestyle change that I mentioned before, I have started walking.  I have been trying to do a minimum of a mile per day, but some days I have gotten very close to 5 miles.  The distance I walk each day is based mostly on the weather and the amount of time I have to walk.

I have noticed that since I started walking that I feel better and that I am sleeping better at night.  It is also helping a lot with my weight loss goals.

Next month I am walking in the Susan G Komen Race for the Cure to raise money for breast cancer research.  I am excited to have to chance to help others.  Especially since my grandmother died from breast cancer at the end of April.

Waiting for Repairmen

Anyone who has ever had a repairman in their home has heard the phrase above. We all know how  frustrating and inconvenient it can be to have to wait four hours or longer for a repairman to come to our homes. Time is a commodity that we all do not have enough of.

I used to work for a heating and air conditioning company that scheduled appointments before 1 or after 1.  During most of the year this worked fine and everyone was satisfied with the amount of time it took to get a repair person there.  However anytime it was very hot outside the irate calls would start.

You have to understand that Southern Indiana summers can have some extremely hot temperatures, usually hovering in the mid 90s to over 100 degrees for days on end.  As soon as the temperatures hit 95, we would be flooded with calls. At times we could receive over 100 service requests in a day.   A lot of people would be mad that we couldn’t get to them within the next hour, let alone needing to schedule them for the next day.  At one point due to flooding in the area, we had so many calls to check basement and outside units that had been under water, that we were scheduling 5 days out.

Anyway our repairmen worked until they got all the people on their list completed.  Sometimes they would be finishing at 8 or 9 pm.  However starting at 4 pm, the office would get calls saying “someone is supposed to be here after 1 today and no one showed up.”  That’s right and 4 pm is still after 1.

I took many angry calls over the years and now today here I sit waiting for not 1 but 2 repairmen (scheduled in the same day so only one day off work would be needed.)  I can understand people’s frustration though, I don’t even know if I have time for a shower before they arrive (or if they will arrive while I’m in it.)

We all need repairs from time to time.  I guess until we learn to “do it ourselves” that we are at the mercy and time restraints of the service industry.